Long time

No See.
Wow, I was supposed to be faithful to this blog. I forgot. This is just going to be a photo post though. I have nothing to say.

Goodbye 2008

Goodbye 2008. Wow, this year went by so fast. I must say that this wasn't the best year, but it wasn't the worst. My back condition (scoliosis) didn't get better but it didn't get worse. We won district in track, My relationship status remained the same. Overall, this year was bittersweet. I don't write resolutions. I never really have because I never keep them. Mentally though, I have my resolutions. What I would like to do better this year and so forth. I really have nothing else to add to this blog.

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Universal Mind Control

My camera works now. The lock/unlock switch on the memory card was missing so i put a piece of tape over the slot and surprisingly it works. Here is a picture I took today, the lovely editing was done by Tiana since CS2 decides to not work :(

Seven Pounds; Winter Break

Went to go see Seven Pounds over the weekend with some people, basically it was a really good movie. I didn't understand it until maybe the last 15 minutes. We were so ready to walk out of the movie theather since it made no good kind of sense. You really should go see it, I'm not really into those kind of movies but it was good. And Will Smith looked great as always.

I caught Gossip Girl yesterday for the first time since like the first season, I have begun to catch up on it on www.surfthechannel.com


Karma Loop has extended their 50% off sale so get on that!!!
Everything I wanted was out of stock so I am HIGHLY upset

a cup of cappuccino please,

I'm sitting here with my 30 oz bottle filled with cappaccino. It's only like 45 degrees outside but I'm freezing. I just got back from school a little bit ago, I stayed in the library to do some make up work but I never got to it. Me and about 15 people decided to play hide and go seek around the whole school. I was terrified that we would get in trouble but it was so much fun, I haven't ran that much since track season. It was mainly basketball people so it was really intense since everyone was sprinting.
BTW: Ramen Noodles are the best.

Short blog today but I have a lot of work to get done.

Two front teeth

Out of boredom and procrastination, I decided to go online shopping. Here are 6 items I found, too bad I have no money for them. Although I need to start the graphic designing gig up again, it brought a good amount of money. It has gotten really cold in Texas, I'm not used to it. Somebody come save me. I am going to get used to it though, since I want to live in Manhattan in the future.